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    • 1 Jun 2021
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    • 31 Dec 2021
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    Thinking of starting or just started a career in cybersecurity and you are looking for mentors who have been veterans in the field to provide you guidance on what you can do in this new exciting career? 

    Introducing the (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program in Singapore, we are calling for young talents who are seeking guidance in their new cybersecurity career. At the same time, we are also on the lookout for (ISC)2 SG veterans who are willing to provide domain expertise training to our young cybersecurity talents.

    What are we looking for:

    • Mentees: (ISC)2 SG Chapter members within the age group of 25 to 35, working adults who are new or intend to embark on the cybersecurity career.

    • Mentors: (ISC)2 SG Chapter members, who are experienced and certified cybersecurity professionals.

    Interest Registration Deadline:

    31 Dec 2021

    Period of Mentorship:

    6 months mentorship 

    Value Proposition for Mentees:

    • Ability to achieve a set goal, investment in self development guided by a senior professional. 

    • Active steps in upskilling themselves and getting ready for their next step professionally.

    • Ability to be connected with cybersecurity professionals 

    Value Proposition for Mentors:

    • Develop coaching and leadership skills to efficiently groom future talent.

    • Personal branding as “mentor” to lift your professional profile. 

    • Learning from younger talent during interactions.

    Eligibility criteria for Mentees:

    • Mentee to be physically based in Singapore at the time of application and throughout the mentorship programme. 

    • Mentee to be a working adult between ages 25-35.

    • Mentee to be an (ISC)2 SG Chapter member in good standing at the time of the application and throughout the programme.

    • Mentee to be committed to start and complete the programme, attend the briefing, checkpoint and completion meetings; and schedule at least 3 (recommended up to 6) meetings with their mentor (virtual or face to face).

    • Mentee to be willing to give back to the (ISC)2 SG Chapter and Community after completing the Mentorship programme.

    Eligibility criteria for Mentors:

    • Mentor to be physically based in Singapore at the time of application and throughout the mentorship programme. 

    • Mentor to be an (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter member in good standing at the time of the application and throughout the programme.

    • Mentor to be committed to start and complete the programme, attend the briefing, checkpoint and completion meetings; and make time for at least 3 (recommended up to 6) meetings with their mentee (virtual or face to face).

    • Mentor to be willing to give back to the (ISC)2 SG Community after completing the programme.

    If you are interested in participating in the program, please kindly fill up the interest registration form. Please note that both mentees and mentors are selected based on a first-come-first-serve basis and acceptance into the program is decided by the (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Committee members.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Q: How much time commitment is the Mentorship Programmes for mentees and mentors?

    A: Both mentors and mentees will be asked to join the Programme Kick Off meeting, the Mentor/Mentee briefing, the Mid-way Checkpoint and the Closing Ceremony; these will take ~1 hour adding up to 4 hours. Additionally, all participants will organise 1:1 meetings with their matched mentor or mentee. We recommend at least 3 meetings during the 6 months period, and up to 6 meetings is recommended. Each mentor/mentee meeting will take about an hour.

    Q: I have never mentored or I was never mentored before, I am not sure of the process.

    A: No problem! Upon the start of the programme, we will provide both mentors and mentees with a dedicated group briefing where we will share best practices about mentoring. Should you need further advice, you can always reach out to us.

    Q: I am a working adult but I never worked in cybersecurity and want to make a switch. Is the Mentorship Programme right for me?

    A: Yes, we encourage people without prior cybersecurity experience to join the programme. Mentees will be able to tap on the knowledge of experienced mentors who can guide them during their career pivot.

    Q: What can I expect from the Mentorship Programme?

    A: As a mentee, you will be asked to set a goal for yourself, and leverage the knowledge and expertise of your mentor to help you navigate and achieve it. Like in any mentorship programme, the more you invest yourself in it, the more you will get out of it.

    As a mentor, you will be sharpening your coaching and leadership skills and pay it forward for the community, as well as meeting new people to expand your network.

    For any queries about the program, please drop an email to our (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Team (mentorship @isc2chapter.sg).

    • 29 Jun 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Zoom Webinar (Webinar login details will be shared one day before event)
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    CSA Industry Consultation Forum on Baseline Mark and Trustmark

    Dear (ISC)2 SG Chapter members,

    The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has recently launched the SG Cyber Safe Programme in March this year, to better support enterprises in the digital domain. As part of the slate of initiatives that will be introduced under the programme, CSA plans to develop a Trustmark, which is intended to serve as a mark of excellence for enterprises with leading cybersecurity practices, as well as the Baseline Mark, which is a cyber hygiene mark that indicates that companies have put in place basic cybersecurity measures. The development of the Trustmark and Baseline Mark will be put through the standards development process, and as part of the process, CSA will be holding stakeholder consultations with different group of enterprises to take their feedback and views on the proposed implementation approach.

    CSA is keen to engage enterprises who have, or are contemplating undergoing certification in cybersecurity and/or adjacent areas such as data protection. As such, CSA and (ISC)2 will be conducting a two-hour online Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to seek members’ views on their proposed approaches for the Trustmark and Baseline Mark. Details for the FGD are as follows:

    Date: 29 June 2021

    Time: 7pm - 9pm

    Platform: Zoom (link to be shared later to the participants)

    Target FGD Representatives: Individuals who had experience with managing their companies’ certification in cybersecurity / data protection and are familiar with cybersecurity matters within the organisation (up to two pax).

    If you are keen to participate in this FGD, do register by 22 June 2021. Please be assured that your views shared during the FGD will remain confidential, and no names will be cited in any document or forum.

    • 14 Jul 2021
    • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Zoom Webinar (Webinar login details will be shared one day before event)
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    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) makes deploying cloud or container configurations scalable and faster. If you are launching a microservice into a Kubernetes cluster, or even building an entire AWS virtual infrastructure, IaC can automate the deployment. By building repeatable templates you can also ensure that deployments happen exactly as you design, every time. However, errors in infrastructure configuration are now regarded as the second biggest cause of data breaches. There are many ways to give adversaries an advantage through security misconfigurations. Overly permissive storage volumes, unauthenticated database access, or ports left open to the internet have all been a cause of compromise. The solution? Treat your infrastructure code the same as your application code. During your build process, use tools to scan for infrastructure misconfigurations. When you find them raise alerts or even break the build.

    In this session, we will discuss common types of IaC misconfigurations, and demonstrate a free, open-source security tool that developers can build into their pipelines to help protect infrastructure from compromise.


    7.45PM - 8.00PM - Registration and sign-in to webinar

    8.00PM - 8:05PM - Introduction by host from chapter EXCO

    8:05PM - 8:40PM - Infrastructure is the New Code – Is Your DevSecOps Ready? - by Mr. Ori Bendet, Director of Product Management, Checkmarx

    8:40PM - 8:50PMQ&A

    8:50PM - 9:00PM - Kahoot! Quiz (eGift cards for Top 5 winners)


    Mr. Ori Bendet, Director of Product Management at Checkmarx, leads its flagship product, CxSAST - Static Application Security Testing. Previously, he held product and engineering positions at Time To Know, HPE, PicApp, and Bezeq.


    For security reasons, instructions for joining the webinar will be sent to registrants one (1) day prior to the event. Please watch out for the webinar details. If in doubt, please email events@isc2chapter.sg.

    This is a chapter professional development event thus 1 CPE hour will be available for your CPE submission. To facilitate submission of CPE points on your behalf by the local chapter - please identify yourself clearly by renaming yourself as <(ISC)2 membership number+ your full name when you sign in or after you've sign in. For example: '123456 Luke SkyWalker'. 

    Note: (ISC)2 members residing in Singapore who are not members of our local Chapter please signed up with us at www.isc2chapter.sg.

     Join the community.

    Membership Rates:
    Professional Member: $50/- year
    Associate Member (Non-credential holders): $30/- year
    Student Member: $10/- year

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