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Be a Member with the ISC2 Singapore Chapter !

There are a variety of benefits for joining the ISC2 Singapore Chapter.  By being a Chapter member, you can:

  • Engage in leadership roles
  • Earn CPEs by participating in professional activities (if applicable)
  • Participate in co-sponsored events with other industry associations
  • Assist ISC2 initiatives by speaking at industry events or writing articles for publication
  • Participate in local community outreach projects (public service) to educate people about information security
  • Receive special discounts on ISC2 products and programs

If you are interested in the field of information or application security, then join our chapter and engage with other experts in the field.  You do not need to be an ISC2 member to join an existing chapter.

There are 3 types of membership:
a) Professional MemberAnnual Fee: S$50. 
Required to be an ISC2 certified member, holding at least one ISC2 professional credentials that requires a minimum of 2 years working experience; e.g. CGRC, CCSP, CISSP, CSSLP,  of good standing and resides in Singapore. 

b) Associate Member: Annual Fee: S$30. Any interested individual either working in or planning to join the information/cyber security community or certified member of ISC2 in good standing, with any ISC2 entry-level certifications such as SSCP,  CC. Employed/Unemployed professionals and resides in Singapore. Do not have voting rights in AGM. 

c) Student Member: Annual Fee: S$10. Required to be a full time undergraduate student studying in a MOE approved tertiary education institution in Singapore. Do not have voting rights in AGM.


1. The ISC2 Singapore Chapter operates separately to ISC2. Membership Fees is for the local Chapter only. 

2.  All content of this site, exclusive of licensed trademarks or copyright, is the property of the designated ISC2 Singapore Chapter, which is not owned, managed, or controlled by ISC2 and operates independent of ISC2.

3.  ISC2 Singapore Chapter Exco reserves the right to select attendees or participants by Membership type for some Chapter activities. Membership type has corresponding Chapter benefits.

New Promotion 

1) Complimentary ISC2 Singapore Chapter membership for one-year (2024) for newly certified members

Congratulations to all Singapore residents who have successfully acquired an ISC2 credential, on/from January 1, 2024. On behalf of ISC2 Singapore Chapter, we are pleased to offer you complimentary ISC2 Singapore Chapter membership for one year. Applicable to newly certified ISC2 members.

Should you be interested in taking up this offer, please send the following details to to receive a promotional code for complimentary membership when you register online:


ISC2 member ID:

Certification type (i.e. CISSP, CCSP, etc):

Date of certification:

Don’t miss out on this special offer which is limited to the first 300 applicants!

2) Members-get-Members referral promotion

We are launching the long awaited member referral program this year! This is in appreciation of your efforts in helping to build a vibrant Security Professional community in Singapore, by referring your friends and peers to join our local ISC2 Singapore Chapter. We are rewarding you with the following Member-get-Members benefits:

From now to 31 Nov 2024:

1) Existing chapter member refers ONE new paid member to sign-up – rewarded with ONE year

chapter membership extension.

2) Existing chapter member refers TWO new paid members to sign-up - rewarded with TWO years

chapter membership extension.

3) Existing chapter member refers THREE or more new member to sign-up – reward with TWO years

chapter membership and vie for the TOP Member Referral Award.

How to Participate:

1. Have your friends sign-up at

2. Complete the “ISC2 Member Referral” field with your full name and ISC2 member ID

3. Send us an email with your full name, ISC2 ID and your friend’s


4. Once the new member sign-up process and payment are completed, we will notify you of the

membership extension.

3) Be A Chapter Ambassador

In line with the Members referral program, be a Chapter Ambassador and be recognized as one.

Existing chapter member who has referred THREE or more new member to sign-up within one year (Oct 2023-Sept 2024) will be recognized

as a Chapter Ambassador. The member will be listed on the chapter’s website Honours Roll for

Chapter Ambassadors. This is in addition to being rewarded with TWO years chapter membership

and the opportunity to vie for the TOP Member Referral Award.

Are you game :) ?

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