(ISC)2 Social and Networking Event : The Last Jedi

 The Last Jedi Member Networking Session and Movie night


(ISC)2 Singapore Chapter and mimoTree would like to invite you to attend an evening of coffee, networking and Star Wars! In a galaxy (Vivo City) far, far away (Harbourfront MRT), the battle between good vs evil continues between the Rebel Alliance and the New Order storm troopers. Outnumbered, and facing powerful tools, APT’s and constant social engineering, can the Empires architecture withstand these attempts to bring them down? Will these Rebel scum ever stop utilizing stolen tools and technology to find ways and means of infiltrating the Empires networks? Will you cheer for the besieged defenders or support the black hat crackers and their mystical wizards that wield their crazy custom made optical hardware (lightsabers) attack tools.

Let’s find out together! Join us on Dec 15 @ St Marc’s Café @ Vivo City from 7 pm and have a coffee with your new Exco. We’ll be there handing out your movie tickets and coffee vouchers thanks to our event sponsor – mimoTree.

May the force be with you, always!

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 Where and When:

Venue: Ticket Pickup and Networking  – St. Marc’s Café – 1 HarbourFront Walk #01-108/109/110 Vivo City, Singapore 098585. Please pick up your tickets early and join us for coffee.
Movie: Golden Village @ Vivo City

Date: 15th December 2017

1900  – 2100 hrs : Coffee and Networking Session @ St Marc’s Café (must pick up your tickets here before 2100hrs)
2100 hrs: The Last Jedi @ GV Vivo

To register, please visit URL :  https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/the-last-jedi-member-networking-session-and-movie-night-tickets-40097886859

Admission Fee:
Valid Members of (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter: Free (1 ticket per member)
New Members who pay the membership fee at the venue: Free (1 ticket per member)

Please note that this is an (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter MEMBERS ONLY event. Only valid members and invited guests will receive one ticket and one coffee voucher. (ISC)2 members from Singapore are not members of (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter by default. Please ensure that you have signed up separately with the Singapore Chapter at www.isc2chapter.sg

Membership Rates:
Ordinary Member: $50/- year
Associate Member (Non-credential holders): $30/- year
Student Member: $10/- year

All prices are in Singapore dollars.



(ISC)2 Singapore Chapter is not responsible for any form of damages, losses incurred which may or may not be related to this event before, during and after the event. This event may be rescheduled or cancelled without notice.

Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
By signing up for an (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter event, you agree and consent for the (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter to collect, retain use and otherwise disclose your personal data and all matters connected with the event for the purpose of providing information, services, rewards, promotions and other relevant purposes connected with the (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter. (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter is committed to
take appropriate steps where reasonable to safeguard the privacy of your information as pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of the PDPA.



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