Rogue One Networking Event & Movie Night


(ISC)2 Singapore Chapter is pleased to announce that we have secured you a seat for the upcoming Star Wars Movie – Rogue One, on Tuesday 20 Dec.

We start off on our journey to steal the plans for the Death Star at the Cantina (Brotzeit Vivocity) where a special feast of yummy treats awaits you while you network and mingle with our rebel and imperial cyber security folk. The rebels destroyed the movie ticket door to door transport vehicles last week and when the Imperials responded by sending that Star Destroyer and well, things got complicated fast! So you WILL need to attend this event in order to get your smuggled passes (movie tickets).

We’re also happy to announce that after collecting bounties on a few galactic outlaws recently, our chapter is now able to sponsor a round or two of snacks and soft drinks but please feel free to order your own beverages or a full dinner (with your own galactic credits) before we all head up to the movie theater.

Bonus Points: Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character! I know I will!  Rebel scum and Imperials welcome, reporting time is 1830 hours @ Brotzeit

Vivocity.  Register now @


Movie Rating – PG-13.

Spaces are limited so please RSVP your tickets today




Disclaimer: (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter is not responsible for any form of
damages, losses incurred which may or may not be related to this event
before, during and after the event. This event may be rescheduled or
cancelled without notice





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