We had a very successful Secure Singapore 2019!

(ISC)² Singapore Chapter took over the organisation of the event for the first time. We were honoured to have MP Melvin Yong, MP for Tanjong Pagar for the Opening Address - he shared on the important of cyber security for Singapore, the need for more talents and opportunity for PMET to switch into Cyber. We also had the privilege of a pool of esteemed speakers from Government Agencies and Industries who came and shared their experiences and knowledge on various  cyber security domains; on how Bug Bounty helps validate Government agencies security, Blockchain, IoT, SCADA, Cloud, Governance, Trends and Breach Incidents.   All the 150 seats available were signed up within days of release, attendance was filled throughout the day, and we have members without allocated ticket waiting at the registration for free up seats.  Our participants engaged our speakers actively, asked great questions and exchanged frank opinions.

A big thank you to our Speakers, Sponsors, (ISC)2 and all who came and made this event a great success.  See you again in 2020. 

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Opening Address

Melvin Yong, MP for Tanjong Pagar giving a great opening address. The room is packed with over a hundred attendees! 

Presentation Slides from our Speakers

Topics of Presentation

Clayton Jones
Managing Director - APAC, (ISC)²

Matthias Yeo, CISSP
President, (ISC)² Singapore Chapter 
Welcome Address:

Clayton and Matthias started the session with the theme of "Bringing Partnership to the next level". For  (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter, our motto is to Inspiring a Safe and Secure Cyber World, and we do it through partnership with the Government, on Education, with the Vendor to build a cyber security professionals community. 


Melvin Yong
Assistant Secretary-General, National Trades Union Congress,
Member of Parliament, Tanjong Pagar GRC
Opening Address by Guest-of-Honour  
Chai Chin Loon
Government CISO & Senior Director, Cyber Security Group
Communities’ participation in the protection of Internet applications

The Singapore Government’s latest bug bounty program is part of a strategic initiative and commitment to build a secure and resilient country by strengthening collaboration with the cyber security industry and community.
Join Chin Loon and Matthias for a fireside chat on the success of this program and the progress since the launch.
Huang Shaofei
(Chief Information Security Officer) Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA)
Demystifying OT Cybersecurity - An Attacker's Perspective

This talk will demystify Operational Technology (OT) and attempt to uncloak the hype over OT cybersecurity. Through illustration of various attacker techniques, tactics and procedures of compromising OT systems, it should become abundantly clear that there is no silver bullet for securing OT

Daphne Ng,
Business Director,
Argentra Solutions Pte Ltd
Securing Blockchain Innovations:

Blockchain adoption has been gaining traction as the technology matures. Governments from across the globe have been implementing and experimenting with blockchain in various aspects, from identity to trade to finance. However, the security implications of such implementations are still not well understood and widely practiced. This segment will cover the security considerations of blockchain networks, such as those used in the public sector, and how they can be addressed
Meng-Chow Kang, PhD, CISSP
Head, Security Assurance, Asia Pacific, Japan, and China Region, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
From Cave to Cloud  - Thinking about cloud security as a personal learning journey

Ralph Ramsey,
Associate Partner, Global Healthcare & Life Sciences, Advisory Services

IoMT Security : A Comprehensive Approach to Mitigate Risk and Secure Connected Devices

The internet of medical things (IoMT), aka connected medical devices, is not only accelerating the delivery of innovative healthcare, but also enabling a more human approach to care and healing. Data allows us to refine treatments and paves the way for precision medicine, better connectivity and collaboration enables more timely care, and streamlined workflows improve operational productivity for healthcare organisations.
IoT technology is taking over the healthcare industry because it has become essential. But what are the risks once a device is connected to your network, how can you ensure it is secured and data privacy maintained. Hear from Ralph Ramsey as he demonstrates how IBM is tackling this very issue.
Anthony Lim
Director of CSCIS (Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + International Studies)
Digital Transformation - Are we forgetting something?

Many organizations have been engaged in various aspects of digital transformation today and many vendors are egging them on. Associated buzzwords include apps, mobile, cloud, fintech, IoT, data analytics, AI, and of course, millennials.  In the feverish embracement of new innovative technologies and services (not deployed before) to reach out to new customers and markets, enjoy operational efficiencies today and coping with FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome, organizations need to stop for a moment and consider the cybersecurity, data protection, and governance risks therein.
Nick Hawkins
Sr. Director Product Management, Asia Pacific & Japan
Akamai Technologies, Inc
Edge Security – a New Paradigm for Protecting Government Entities from Internet-facing Threats

To effectively unleash your digital values means you need to consider variety of things, and securing your organizations from threats should be on top of your priority list. Join Nick Hawkins, as he’ll bring you on a journey to explore a new paradigm in cloud security and discuss how edge can help you mitigate security risk by being more strategic, visible and adaptable to internet-facing threats.
Tristan Morris,
Security Strategist at Carbon Black
Singapore Threat Report: Defender Power on the Rise

Stop Press: there’s bad guys out there, and they are looking to break into your computer systems and steal your data. But you knew that, right? More interesting is that different countries can face very different threats. In this session, we’re going to be speaking about Carbon Black’s latest cybersecurity research data, looking at global trends and drilling into specific findings from the Singapore report.
Singapore businesses are facing a dramatically escalating threat environment where attack volumes have grown exponentially in the last 12 months. In particular, Singapore’s strong government and local authority sector is proving an attractive target for cybercriminals, with CIO/CTO/CISOs in this sector reporting significantly elevated attack frequency.
But there’s more. A threat is only a threat if it isn’t challenged, so we’re looking to go beyond attacker behaviours and pose the question, what are organizations doing to defend themselves against the risks, from both a tooling and process perspective.
We’re going to be asking what differentiates Singapore, what to do in response and overall, how to set priorities, keep current and plan for whatever is around the corner. 
Shane Chiang
CEO of AntiHACK.me
The dark side of the Internet - What to do in the event of a breach

The attack vector of hackers today are really creative. While many mentioned that it is not about "if" but "when", the truth of the matter is many organisation already suffered and is paying the price of breaches across APAC. Join Shane, as he shares some of the key discussion he has with the different boards, what he has uncovered and some of the best practices during an event of a security breach.

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