Cyber Secure Singapore 2022

Set to take place at GovWare 2022, (ISC)² Singapore Chapter is launching its inaugural flagship annual conference Cyber Secure Singapore 2022 in celebration of its 10th anniversary. Focusing on the theme "Cyber Security After the Pandemic", the conference programme complements GovWare’s position on adapting a safe and sustainable cyberspace amidst modern disruptions.

This event is open to (ISC)² Singapore Chapter members, (ISC)² members, Supporting Organization members and invited guests only. Registration and programme agenda for Cyber Secure Singapore 2022 will be announced here soon.

We hope to see you at Cyber Secure Singapore 2022!

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Cyber Secure Singapore 2022

Conference Programme

Date: 20th October 2022       Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm SGT       Location: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, GovWare




Topics of Presentation



Registration and Sign-in



Garion Kong, CISSP, CCSP, SSCP

President, (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter 

Welcome Remarks by (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter President



Dr Janil Puthucheary

Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Health

Opening Address by Guest-of-Honour

 4  9.20am

Ms. Clar Rosso
Chief Executive Officer of (ISC)²

(ISC)² CEO's Keynote Speech
 5 9.30am

Panorays Speakers:

Gilad Friedman

Vice President, APAC, Panorays

John Ong

Regional Director, Panorays

Supply Chain Security: Why you need to manage third-party security risk

We saw the disastrous effects of numerous far-reaching supply chain breaches and third-party code vulnerabilities, including SolarWinds, Kaseya, Codecov and of course, Log4j. Unfortunately, we can expect to see more of the same in 2022 and beyond.

With this new normal, every organization must have an effective third-party security risk strategy in place to reduce the blast radius of breaches that inevitably will occur.

   10.10am  Tea Break (20 minutes)  
 6 10.30am

Dr. Meng-Chow Kang

Director, Averitus

Managing Data Privacy in the Cloud

With the advancement of AI/ML, Big Data analytic, and cloud technology, much can be done with data that organization possesses. Where personal data are involved, such processing may however raise regulatory and data subject's concerns. The secure use of such technology in a privacy-respectful way could deliver more efficient and beneficial services for the end users. This session evaluates the key requirements for personal data protection, dissects what they mean in the context of personal data processing in public cloud services, and discusses how we can approach such requirements leveraging cloud-enabled and cloud-native capabilities to achieve the end goals of providing better services to the end users, and at the same time ensuring adequate privacy safeguards and security of personal data in the cloud.
7 11.00am

Votiro Speaker:

Ravi Srinivasan

CEO, Votiro

Zero Trust Beyond Identity and Network : a New Framework for Zero Trust Data

Zero trust conversations are dominated by identity and access. But zero trust applies beyond this scope. Data is an often-neglected topic in zero trust, despite data itself often being both the biggest revenue generator and the biggest risk factor for companies.

Traditional layers of security assumed users and data always operated within the confines of the enterprise walls and data centers – like a physical store.

Today’s post-pandemic enterprise has users working from anywhere and accessing applications and data deployed across data centers and external clouds – like an online store. A zero trust approach means that we need to eliminate implicit trust and assume all requests and traffic are malicious, assume all users, devices, and infrastructure are compromised, and mitigate the risk to the enterprise data. Join Ravi Srinivasan as he expands the conversation and showcases a new framework that includes data as a critical component when thinking about zero trust.

 8  11.40am

Cecil Su

Academia and Research, CREST Asia Council

Director of Cybersecurity, BDO LLP

Raising professional standards in cybersecurity through accreditations and certifications

Raising professional standards and delivering measurable quality assurance in cybersecurity as a collective and collaborative community.


Forcepoint Sponsorship: Chatkul Sopanangkul, (Regional Director, Southeast Asia), Forcepoint

Forcepoint Sponsorship Appreciation - 10th Anniversary Charity Run

Lunch Break and Networking (1 hour)  
 10 1.15pm

Anne Tan

Neha Malhotra, CISSP, CCSP

Communications Director, (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter

Novi Indra Sari, CCSP

Sub-Committee Member, (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter

Anca Pop

Senior Consultant, Cybersecurity, Huxley, part of SThree group

Moderator: Selina Goh

Sub-Committee Member, (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter

Women in Cyber: Panel Discussion on Cyber Diversity

Our Women in Cyber will focus on the importance of diversity in the cyber security industry and how biases and challenges can be overcome.

11   1.45pm

Steve Kerrison

Senior Lecturer, Cybersecurity, James Cook University Singapore

Protecting our Smart Lives: The Case for Improving IoT Security

Internet of Things devices are deployed in our homes, offices, factories and national infrastructure to make our lives easier and make value-creating activities more efficient. Typically low-cost and low-power, they often lack security features present in more valuable cyber assets. From stealing fingerprints to wiretapping, this talk will explore, with examples, some of the ways that IoT devices pose a threat to the more valuable assets around them. Then it will discuss what steps - both strategic and technical - can be taken to mitigate these threats in homes, businesses and critical infrastructure.

12 2.15pm

OwlGaze Speaker:

Miro Pihkanen

Chairman and Chief Security Officer, OwlGaze

Accelerating the Fintech Startup Scheme to Protect Against Deep Pockets of State-Sponsored Threat Actors

With a visionary new business opportunity in mind, you’ve embarked on a new venture to explore new unchartered waters. While the technology approach may be clear, with limited resources focused on scaling up the business, how do fintech start-ups and those with particular technology debt drive innovation, fend off deep pocketed cyber threat actors gunning for your cryptocoin, VVIPs or intellectual property alike!? Join for a business and technology discussion on how to shift the needle from “oops” to “gotcha”!

   2.55pm  Tea Break (20 minutes)  
13 3.15pm

Gabriel Cheng

Senior Technical Project Manager

Cybersecurity Project Management

Applying Technology, People, Process in Cybersecurity Projects.

 14 3.45pm

Anca Pop

Senior Consultant, Cybersecurity, Huxley, part of SThree group

CyberSecurity Talent Trends

The future of hiring cybersecurity professionals - from a company as well as candidate perspective.

Which are the roles in demand now, and which roles are said to be in demand in the next couple of years.

Industry trends / technologies that will impact cybersecurity roles.



Matthias Yeo, CISSP

CEO, CyberXCenter

Victor Yeo, CISSP

Regional Director, GM (Int Gov - SG), BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Garion Kong, CISSP, CCSP, SSCP

President, (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter

Moderator: Paolo Miranda, CISSP

Vice President, (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter

(ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Presidents’ Panel Discussion: Chapter Leadership Experiences Over the Years

(ISC)2 Singapore Chapter is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year and our Past and Present Presidents will be sharing their lessons learned for the future generation of leaders.



SPD Donation Presentation:  Melissa Tan, Partnerships Manager, Resource Development, SPD

10thAnniversary Supporting Partners Appreciation

10th Anniversary Charity Run Donation

10th Anniversary Supporting Partners Appreciation (Cyber Range, CTF, CSS2022)



Mr. Paolo Miranda, CISSP

Conference Chair, Vice President, (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter

Closing Remarks



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*Programme format, agenda and timings are correct as of last update. These are subjected to changes by the organizer as and when necessary due to planning and unforeseen changes.

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