The cyber community is always challenged to devise and adopt new ways to tackle new threats. The threat when it surfaces will frequently take cyber defender by surprise. In response, we will see efforts quickly mount to investigate and devise stop-gap measures to counter the threat. Concurrently, the team will formulate a long-term strategy to monitor and detect these threats, and further improve cybersecurity posture.

How can we develop effective counter measures to expeditiously tackle threats or even remedy a breach? The answer lies in a quick appreciation of the domain(s) you are addressing and acquisition of the relevant knowledge via training. When equipped with the necessary foundational skills, you will be able to competently assess the problem and identify the solution. The actual execution may entail a broader team with specialised skillsets.

Our chapter, through a small workgroup of dedicated individuals, has come together to produce a series of micro-courses to address the needs of aspiring cyber professionals looking to embark on a cybersecurity career as well as not forgetting those who are looking forward to a Refresher course. This series consisting of 5 modules aims to equip learner with an overview of the essential principles and tenets of Cybersecurity that are weaved into a body of knowledge that will be handy when it comes to fixing cyber issues that cut across multiple domains. It is therefore crucial to have a wide appreciation of the cyber topics in order we can assess the problem holistically.

To mark our Chapter 10th Anniversary, we are pleased to launch this micro-course series as our inaugural self-pace learning program for members. We truly hope everyone will enjoy this series specially designed for you. Watch this space for a mailer to officially advise you on the access to the course package in our member portal.

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